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Oceanlife was founded in 2007 by two college students of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

The idea was to design accessories such as high-performance skimmers and calcium reactors, which immediately position to the top of its class, with superior performance and ease of use that does not require any technical knowledge.

At the same time the first supplements were developed and began to take shape the conduction system still used today. The best raw materials and most genuine formulations led to results that can be observed in the tanks of hundreds of fans. Today Oceanlife has one of the most comprehensive lines for saltwater aquariums, with mineral supplements, filter material, biological system for nutrients reduction, nutrition system for corals, chemical tests for water and fish feed. Oceanlife is also active in the production of fertilizers for fresh water plants across the line Amazonica.

The strong technical connotation of the two founders, combined with the desire for knowledge and to always find innovative solutions, then led, as a natural evolution, to the design of life support systems that today are the most advanced in the world. The display system equipped with Aquatron filtering stations and LED lighting, is the world's most sophisticated and allows a considerable saving, both in terms of energy and manpower.

Smart Life Support Systems (SLSS) follows the same philosophy of quality and Oceanlife is able to study personalized solutions, including by implementing intelligent energy saving, through a combination of selective and different energy sources, from classic boilers to gases, pellet boilers, solar heating.

We are also able to design large aquariums, also with laminated glass as necessarily requires the new UNI 7697/2014 and DIN 32622, releasing structural inspections obtained by finite element analysis.

Copyright © 2017, OCEANLIFE S.r.l. All Rights Reserved
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