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An ICP analysis consists in measuring the concentration of all the elements present in the sample to be analyzed, by means of a machine that generates an Argon plasma at a temperature such that all the compounds present in the water sample are broken down at the atomic level and each element is accurately measured thanks to a sophisticated optical system that detects its concentration with accuracies reaching the billionth of a gram per liter.
Our laboratory allows to carry out ICP-OES analysis for different types of water, both marine and freshwater with accuracy and sensitivity that normal tests cannot reach.
A single Oceanlife ICP test can analyze up to 60 items and helps solve situations that cannot otherwise be identified.

What is an ICP-OES analysis?

The types of tests

Ag Al As B Ba Be
Br C Ca Cd Ce Cl
Co Cr Cu Dy Er Eu
Fe Gd Ge Hf Hg Ho
I K La Li Lu Mg
Mn Mo Na Nb Nd Ni
P Pb Pr Re S Sb
Sc Se Si Sm Sn Sr
Ta Tb Th Ti Tl Tm
U V W Y Yb Zn
C:N:P Sal KH PO4 NO3

Aquatic Lab Advanced

The Advanced test analyzes both seawater and osmotic water for a total of 123 parameters. It is the most comprehensive test in the world.
Analyze in sea water:
60 atomic elements via ICP
Salinity by conductivity method
Carbonate hardness, Phosphates and Nitrates by photometric method
Dynamic analysis of the C: N: P ratio

Analyze in osmotic water:
59 atomic elements via ICP

The Advanced test can display 2 types of instructions, basic and advanced.
The basic instructions provide indications for replenishing only the elements below the values of natural sea water.
The advanced instructions provide guidance for a complete water rebalancing, for both deficient and excess elements.

Frequent questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and the mistakes that are made most often.

Can I send the test myself or do I have to bring it back to the store?

The test can be brought back to the store or can be sent independently via your preferred system. The envelope has already applied the delivery address. In case of postage, you will need to postage the envelope. Freight collect shipments will not be accepted.

Can I use return receipt shipping?

Absolutely no. If the post office tries to deliver your test and we cannot receive it, the test is held at the post office and our staff will not be able to retrieve it.

When should I register the test?

Immediately, and in any case before sending the test.
If at the time of the analysis your test is not present, it will not be possible to record the result and you will not be able to view it. To be able to view it later, you will need to register it, send us a communication with the barcode number and wait for the results to be recorded.

How do I know if the test has been recorded correctly?

If the test has been registered successfully, you will receive a confirmation email.
If you do not receive the confirmation email, you can view the test in the "results" section, among the pending tests.
If it does not appear in that section either, you will have to re-register, perhaps you did something wrong.

How long will it take to see the results?

Results are usually achieved within a week.
Any delays may occur if there are holidays or scheduled or extraordinary closing periods.

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