Water analysis

Modern reef aquariums need careful water control. The animals that are housed show their magnificent colors and thrive only if the water is completely similar to that in which they live in nature. Only by carrying out accurate analysis it will be possible to obtain exciting results.
Thanks to the advancement of technology, today we are able to analyze water in detail and maintain excellent quality, understand where many problems come from and find solutions.

Laboratory analysis

It is possible to send the water to be tested to our laboratory to obtain professional analysis of over 60 parameters

Ag Al As B Ba Be
Br C Ca Cd Ce Cl
Co Cr Cu Dy Er Eu
Fe Gd Ge Hf Hg Ho
I K La Li Lu Mg
Mn Mo Na Nb Nd Ni
P Pb Pr Re S Sb
Sc Se Si Sm Sn Sr
Ta Tb Th Ti Tl Tm
U V W Y Yb Zn
Sal KH PO4 NO3

Analisys Kit

It is possible to buy practical kits to perform the analysis of the most important water parameters at home, to always have everything under control

Ca Mg KH pH NO2 NO3

Differences between laboratory and kit

  • A test kit contains all the reagents and instructions to independently carry out a quantitative analysis, with a fairly high precision, of a certain parameter.
  • A laboratory test carries out a chemical-physical analysis of the water with different methodologies and returns very accurate and precise results.

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kit laboratory

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