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The balance of the aquarium is one of the foundations of good functioning and success.
All animal welfare is based on the work of many bacterial strains whose function is to carry out the nitrogen cycle, therefore the transformation of ammonium / ammonia into nitrogen and to process waste organic matter.
In addition to this, they help in the exposure of pollutants such as nitrates and phosphates.

Bio Bact

Bio Bact is a mix of selected bacterial strains (nitrifying, denitrifying & facultative anaerobes) that allow for the establishment of a bacterial colony and the acceleration of biological filter maturation during the aquarium setup phase and aids the creation of a stable equilibrium.

Bio Bact can also be used to accelerate the denitrification process and decomposition of waste organic matter.

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Bio Clean

Bio Clean is a mix of bacteria and enzymes which act in synergy. The bacteria compete with algae for nutrients and thus inhibits the growth of the algae.
Bio Clean also acts as a water clarifier and enhances the biological cycle. 

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Biostart is a broad-spectrum bacterial and enzyme powder with mineral biocatalysts, used to optimize and accelerate the cycles of Nitrogen and Phosphorus and the mineralization reactions of organic matter. Thanks to a pool of optional anaerobic bacteria, it activates denitrification processes and also reduces the layer of sediment. This will produce a comprehensive and effective filtration that can remove nitrates, phosphates and organic matter. Thanks to its use, it greatly speeds up the maturation of the tank, helping to achieve and maintain over time a stable biological balance. The powder formulation ensures maximum efficiency and it is up to 10 times more effective than liquid equivalents. 

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Anaerobic is a product based on anaerobic bacteria whose purpose is to implement denitrification, activation of funds, in particular DSBs in marine aquariums and fertile bottoms in freshwater. Its action also allows the reduction of sludge deposited on the bottom.

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Cyano X

Cyano X can effectively fight cyanobacteria. This version is optimized for fresh water. Not being an antibiotic, it does not adversely affect the biology of the aquarium. The product does not dispense from a regular maintenance of the aquarium but it is a remedy that in most cases resolves the problems of cyanobacteria during an acute infestation. If the cyanobacteria reform over time, it is advisable to review the layout of the aquarium and to identify any previous problems.

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Bio Bact - Bio Clean

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