Problem solving

Products for solving common problems

Sometimes problems appear that make the bathtub really unsightly and compromise the biological balance of the system.
These products help solve problems and regain balance.

Cyano X

Cyano X can effectively fight cyanobacteria. This version is optimized for sea water. Not being an antibiotic, it does not adversely affect the biology of the aquarium. The product does not dispense from a regular maintenance of the aquarium but it is a remedy that in most cases resolves the problems of cyanobacteria during an acute infestation. If the cyanobacteria reform over time, it is advisable to review the layout of the aquarium and to identify any previous problems.

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Life Snow

Life Snow is a preparation of several elements, including fine powder of calcium and magnesium with a particle diameter of 0.3 to 1.5 µm.
Dosed daily it helps neutralise free acids, stabilise pH and creates a hostile environment to the
proliferation of slime algae and cyanobacteria.
Life Snow is formulated using ultra fine and pure precipitate of calcium carbonate.
Due to its purity, its prolonged use will not negatively affect water quality.

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Dip X

Dip X is a natural solution for cleaning corals.
The natural extracts contained within Dip X allow the coral to detach and free from any parasites.
It can be used on SPS, LPS and soft corals, before introduction into the aquarium or if you notice infestations.
It is also very useful in the phases preceding the shipment in the professional field.
It can also be used after cutting to decrease the likelihood of infections.

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Detox Z

Detox Z is a fast acting liquid filter. Contains a mix of purifying and adsorbing substances capable of removing toxins, yellowing substances or substances that reduce the transparency of water, ammonium and helps to reduce the presence of heavy metals such as chromium, nickel, lead, cadmium, tin, mercury , silver and cobalt.
Detox Z also acts as a detoxifier for fish

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Coral Bright

Coral Bright is able to decrease the density of the zooxanthellae living inside corals.
It acts on all types of coral with zooxanthellae.
If there are too many zooxanthellae inside corals, they will negatively affect metabolism, inhibiting the growth. A coral with too many Zooxanthellae will therefore be very dark and will have stunted or entirely absent growth. The protraction of this situation for a long time can even lead to coral death.
The use of Coral Bright is recommended to experienced users that are able to evaluate the product dosage according to the corals reactions.

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Available formats

Cyano X

100 ml
250 ml

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