Reef System Mixed

Supplements to complete the calcium reactor

Reef System Mixed is a system that allows to easily replenish all the elements even using a calcium reactor.

Guaranteed quality

Thanks to our test systems, we guarantee the highest quality of the raw material, so as not to introduce unwanted elements.

Calcium Pearls

Calcium Pearls is a granulated natural calcium with a purity of 99%, ideal for use in calcium reactors. 
Particle size: 9-12 mm

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Mag Pearls

Mag Pearls is a pure granulate rich in magnesium. Can be individually inserted inside a post calcium reactor or inside the reactor itself in a quantity equal to 1:10 with respect to the calcium granulate.
Particle size: 3 - 6 mm

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Reef Essentials

Reef Essentials is a collection of essential elements for the welfare of the Reef. It stimulates the growth of all corals and intensifies the colors, it also stimulates the growth of pink and red coralline algae. It is suitable for all types of aquariums containing soft corals, LPS and SPS. It contains magnesium, strontium, potassium and various minor elements, ionically balanced in one convenient solution. It will replenish the major elements consumed by the fast growing coralline algae.
Thanks to its purity, a prolonged use will not negatively affect the water quality and the result are healthy and colorful corals.

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Color Elements

Color Elements is a blend of many minor and trace elements useful for the growth and coloration of corals. The blend is based on our knowledge of the marine water and all the elements contained. All this elements are present in Color Elements and, if not present in water in right concentration, they enhance the natural color of the corals, taking part in many chemical and biological interactions of the chromatic and fluorescent proteins.
Thanks to its purity, a prolonged use will not negatively affect the water quality and the result are healthy and colorful corals.

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How to best maintain water parameters

A stable system that recreates the tropical marine environment in the most precise way possible, allows our corals to grow correctly and take on their wonderful colors, keeping them healthy and able to defend themselves from pathogens and parasites.
To keep all parameters at the right levels, we recommend to perform water tests frequently using our kits and sending a water sample to our laboratory at regular intervals.
In addition to the result of the analysis, through the Aquatic Lab it will be possible to receive advice on the actions to be taken for the correction of each element found in too high or too low concentration.
Visit the Aqautic Lab section:


Available formats

Reef Essentials - Color Elements

250 ml
500 ml
1000 ml
5 Liters

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