Coral Sea Water

Alive and ready to use

why ready water

Coral Sea Water is a ready-to-use water, ideal for both starting aquariums and water changes.

Always alive

Coral Sea Water is constantly kept in circulation in our plants with live rocks and is packaged only a few minutes before shipping.
It is also regularly added with proprietary controlled bacterial mixes.
On the contrary, the waters collected in nature must be filtered and sterilized using UVC filters to avoid bringing pathogens into your tanks.


Coral Sea Water is safe because it is living water but prepared in our laboratories, therefore free from pathogens and pollutants that can be introduced with water taken from the sea in unsuitable points or periods.

Very pure

Rain, pollution and collection sites can have a very negative impact on the quality of natural water, modifying its chemical-physical parameters.
Coral Sea Water is created in our laboratories and is not affected by negative weather and eutrophic factors, guaranteeing constant quality and the safety of having a controlled product.


We always test the quality of Coral Sea Water by means of our analysis laboratory to ensure product consistency.

Variability of nature and pollution

Thanks to our international collaborations, we can also understand how variable nature is. What you see below is a survey of the conductivity (salinity) of natural sea water carried out during the month of December in the Bahamas. The frequent rains modify the salinity in an important way, also modifying the content of pollutants brought from the sky.

Many commercial waters are taken from sites such as Miami (south coast of Florida), from the coasts of Portugal or from the coasts of Sardinia, all places very crowded by tourism. It is therefore not enough to use a UVC filter and a micro filter to make natural water safe.

For this we recommend using a water created in the laboratory such as Coral Sea Water, which ensures consistency, purity and absence of pollutants.

Why are regular water changes so important?

With the advent of new technologies, such as ICP analysis systems, many companies have mistakenly spread the notion that regular water changes have become unnecessary.
Not everyone knows, however, that corals often live in environments where they struggle to secure living space. During this fight, many of them secrete stinging substances which are not detected by the used analysis systems. This is because ICP analyzes can only measure atoms and not how they are bound together to form molecules.
These stinging substances are intended to inhibit the growth of nearby corals. A real chemical battle is then generated between corals for supremacy. In the open sea, the enormous exchange of water due to sea currents ensures that these substances do not exceed dangerous levels for the entire ecosystem. In the aquarium, using activated carbon helps to eliminate them but a regular water change is essential to maintain balance.
Another thing that ICP analyzes cannot show us is the biological situation of the tank and its bacterial content. Regular water changes help keep our system in balance in all respects.

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