From the moment we add corals, we must think that we will have to feed them correctly to allow them to receive all the energy necessary for growth, color and to resist parasite attacks.
One of the main purposes of the Oceanlife system is to feed corals correctly while maintaining low nutrient levels and the values of each parameter within those of natural water.
Complete nutrition can be easily achieved by using the complete Oceanlife line. For best results we recommend alternating the different types of food.

Coral Food P

Coral Food P is an optimum nutrition for SPS, LPS, soft and filtering corals. The new formulation is finer, more rich in proteins of marine origin, fatty acids HUFA and is optimal to bring the whole system a source of energy for growth and well-being.

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Coral Food K

Coral Food K is a food derived from selected marine plankton, able to feed both corals and benthic fauna.
It is an ideal carrier of nourishment for all biomass in the aquarium and is suitable for systems with low pollution (ULNS).
Thanks to this nourishment, more accelerated growth, more intense colors and improved general wellbeing will be noted.

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SPS Food EVO is an advanced food specific for SPS corals. Its highly hydrodispersible form and the advanced protein formulation with enzymatic activation make it easily assimilable and an unequaled bioavailable energy carrier.
These unique characteristics make it the ideal food for the most demanding coral farmers in oligotrophic environments (ULNS - Ultra Low Nutrinet Systems).
When fed with SPS Food EVO, the corals grow faster, the polyps become more extroverted and become more intensely colored.

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LPS Food P

LPS Food P is a pellet food studied for LPS corals. It provides specific nourishment, intensifying colors, coral well-being and resistance to unfavorable conditions.

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Amin Extra

Amin Extra is a special and unique food based on amino acids powder, designed for SPS, LPS and soft corals. Thanks to its use, corals will receive extra energy and important elements necessary for metabolic processes , enhancing growth and colors. Its use also strengthens coral defenses against parasites attacks, making them more resistant .

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Skim Stop Omega 3

Skim Stop Omega-3 is a supplement of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, EPA and DHA, very important elements for maintaining the integrity of cell membranes.
Besides being a very useful supplement for corals and fish life, it also performs a second function of skimming inhibitor for the necessary time for the proper corals feeding. It will not be longer necessary to manually stop skimming, just insert a few drops of Skim Stop Omega-3 to get the desired effect.

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Coral Amin for the recovery of debilitated corals

Amin Extra can also be used to recover weakened corals, showing signs of distress. For this purpose it is necessary to place the coral in a separate container and make a massive dose of Amin Extra.

The coral in the images was dangerously debilitated, with bleaching and loss of tissue from the bottom and tips. It was treated with 5 baths in Amin Extra with a dose of 2 spoons per liter of water for one hour every day.

Coral Vit

Coral Vit is an important source of vitamins that serve corals for many metabolic functions and to keep the immune system active and healthy.

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Coral Amin

Coral Amin is a special and unique nourishing liquid based on amino acids studied for the needs of SPS, LPS and soft corals. Thanks to its use, the corals will receive extra energy and important elements necessary for metabolic processes, enhancing growths and colors.
Its use also strengthens coral defenses against pest attacks, making them more resistant.

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Phyto Marine

In marine aquatic ecosystems, phytoplankton plays a fundamental role. It constitutes an important link in the food chain, ensuring the flow of matter and energy necessary for the maintenance of heterotrophic animals, which feed at the expense of organic substances already processed by other organisms. Phytoplankton is also one of the main sources of fatty acids such as Omega-3, EPA and DHA. Phyto Marine contains a highly concentrated source of marine phytoplankton rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. With a size of a few microns, it is suitable for many types of coral, such as soft corals, tridacne, spirographs, sponges and in general all corals and other animals able to take advantage of this type of nourishment.

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How do we know if corals are hungry

The lack of nutrition can be observed from the compensation mechanisms that corals put in place to try to survive. In a nutrient-poor environment like the one we are going to create, corals can experience the following problems in the absence of food:

  • Loss of tissue from the bottom or from the inside. Coral sacrifices tissue where light hits it least, so it doesn't have to waste energy on parts that don't produce it.  
  • Darkening of the tissue. Coral tends to compensate for food shortages by increasing the number of Zooxanthellae, in order to try to get more glucose.
  • Slow or no growth. Due to a lack of energy, corals stop growing.
  • RTN (Rapid Tissue Necrosis). When coral has no energy, it is more stressed by environmental conditions and parasites. Coral loses tissue rapidly and uncontrollably until its complete death.

So why keep nutrients low? In natural reefs the pollutants are at almost non-measurable levels, nevertheless the corals can feed in abundance through all the existing varieties of plankton. This allows it to grow and color.

Furthermore, the high nutrients favor the uncontrolled proliferation of zooxanthellae, making the corals dark and brown, inhibiting their growth and even leading them to death.
Through the Oceanlife system we get as close as possible to what happens in nature.
The dosage of the basic components should be carried out following the instructions for started aquariums.

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Coral Food P - Coral Food K - SPS Food EVO

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