Filter products for the safe removal of pollutants

A closed system requires filtration. Corals fight every minute of their lives for space and to prevail over others. In the ocean the effect of this war is limited to a small space but in a closed system, these chemicals should be removed to prevent damage or problems to some corals.

These filter materials have been designed to be compatible with the reef and to gently remove all stinging chemicals, yellowing substances, pollutants and many other unwanted substances.

The result is clear and pure water, ideal for raising our corals.

Life Carbon

Life Carbon è un carbone attivo granulare di qualità superiore prodotto tramite attivazione fisica di gusci di noce di cocco pre-carbonizzati. Può essere utilizzato sia in acqua marina che in acqua dolce ed è particolarmente efficace per una rimozione continua di inquinanti organici (comprese le sostanze urticanti emesse dai coralli), coloranti (fenoli), pesticidi, medicinali, cloro derivati e composti che causano cattivi odori. E’ conforme allo standard UNI ISO EN 12915 “Carboni Attivi Granulari destinati all’utilizzo per il trattamento delle acque destinate al consumo umano”. Lavare in acqua dolce pura prima dell’uso. Anche se è il carbone col più basso tasso di pulviscolo sul mercato, se non lavato può rilasciare polvere in acqua.

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Phos Zero

Phos Zero is a resin based on iron that can remove large amounts of phosphates and silicates from water. It is important to maintain phosphate levels below 1 mg/l (ppm) in freshwater and 0.02 mg/l (ppm) in seawater. Phos Zero captures phosphates and silicates, and as beneficial side effect, it releases OH-ions. These ions have the ability to neutralize the acids in excess and to stabilize the pH.
Once exhausted, it does not release any chemicals.

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Phos Remover

Phos Remover is the latest nanoporous resin capable of removing large quantities of phosphates and silicates from water. Its power is impressive, 250 ml of the product can absorb up to 9000 mg of phosphate from freshwater and for a long period effectively treat more than 500 liters of water, depending on the population of the tank. It reduces the problems of filamentous algae and corals growth in sea water.
Its porosity and the peculiar structure make it ideal for the use in aquariums.

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Life Zeo

Life Zeo is a specific zeolite selected to absorb compounds such as ammonium (NH4+) and thus reduce the concentration of the pollutant nitrogen (NO3-). The medium-small size is optimized to maximize the effectiveness of the product and provide the maximum contact surface. With this feature, compared to other similar zeolites, Life Zeo is able to offer higher performance.

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Carbon Active

C arbon Active is a pellet of activated coal selected for aquarium water filtration. It absorbs toxic, yellow, medicinal, chlorine substances and produces bad odors from the water, making the water crystal clear and pure.
We recommend the use of activated charcoal on a stable basis, following the instructions at the side.
It can be used in any type of filter (fluid bed, forced passage, filtering stock, etc.). The best performance is with a forced passage that allows the water to flush the product across the surface.

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Zeocarb is a mixture of highly selected zeolites and activated carbon that combine the best of filtering of the two systems. This product is capable of absorbing organic pollutants (including corals), dyes (phenols), pesticides, medicines, chlorine derivatives, compounds that cause odors and toxic nitrogenous substances such as ammonia and ammonia.
It can be used in any type of filter (fluidized bed, forced passage, filtering stock, etc.). The best performance is with a forced passage that allows the water to flush the product across the surface.

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Available formats

Carbon Active - Life Carbon - Phos Zero - Phos Remover - Zeocarb

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500 ml
1000 ml
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