The importance of water

Water is the fundamental element in which corals live. Its correct preparation is of fundamental importance and therefore the use of a salt of excellent quality is a must.

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The importance of osmotic water

The salts used may have a unique purity but we must not forget that the main component of sea water is ... water!
To prepare seawater perfectly, it is therefore necessary to start with excellent osmotic water.
We recommend using a reverse osmosis system and further filter the output by using Deion resins (for domestic systems) and Silico OH- to remove an excess of silicates.
These resins are optional but allow for further filtration, removing everything that the reverse osmosis system is unable to retain.
In general, reverse osmosis systems have a filtration rate of around 98-99% and struggle to retain silicates. Removing them from the beginning using the resins means minimizing the phase of the diatoms (brown algae) and therefore greatly accelerating the maturation of the tank. Thanks to the use of resins, the disappearance of this phase is almost evident in many aquariums. Deion resin is a deionizing resin for ultra filtration, specifically designed to remove all residual ions from the already filtered water, bringing the conductivity or TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) close to zero.
The use of unfiltered tap water is absolutely not recommended as, in addition to introducing unwanted pollutants, it can lead to precipitation of calcium and carbonates.

Deion Ultra

Deion Ultra is a mix of ready-to-use resins, suitable for the production of analytical grade ultrapure water (conductivity up to 0.08-0.06 μS)

It can be used alone, or in addition to a traditional reverse osmosis system (to form a RO-DI system) for the removal of all residual salts. It is suitable for both marine and freshwater aquariums. Do not use to treat water already present in the tank. The life of the resin depends on the purity of the incoming water and the only waste products are H + and OH- ions which recombine to form again pure H2O. No sodium output. For correct use, it is possible to place the resin inside a 10 "filter, connecting it directly to the reverse osmosis system outlet. Deion is particularly suitable for starting tanks and for topping up evaporated water. Once exhausted, the resin must be replaced. Average particle diameter: 0.6 - 0.8 mm To evaluate the residual effectiveness of the resin, it is recommended to install for TDS meter (total dissolved salts meter) at the outlet of the implant.

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Silico OH-

Silico OH- is a resin for the removal of only the negative ions like nitrates and phosphates and in particular of silicates. It has up to 100% more removal capacity than competing products that use mixed-bed resins.
Silicate is one of the most difficult ions to remove and requires a specific resin. By placing this resin at the outlet of reverse osmosis system it is possible to reduce diatom problems to the minimum at the start phase of the aquarium and drastically reduce the intake of silicates during the refilling of evaporated water. To be used only on the exit of the reverse osmosis systems.

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