Oceanlife Water Salinity Converter

This software allows you to convert basic marine water data between different units of measurement. The data is calculated at the surface.

  • The direct calculation from Salinity (‰ - ppt) to Density (g/l or kg/m3) / Specific Gravity is based on the equation adopted by UNESCO - The One Atmosphere International Equation of the State of Seawater (Millero and Poisson, 1981).
  • The inverse calculation, from Specific Density / Gravity to Salinity, is performed by the solution for iterative methods of the reverse equation of Millero and Poisson.
  • The calculation from Conductivity to Salinity / Density / Gravity Specification is performed according to the complex polynomial equation adopted by UNESCO/ICES/SCOR/IAPSO. In this case, the values are reliable for the resulting salinity between 2 and 42 and a temperature between -2 °C and 35 °C.
  • The Conductivity calculation is performed through the solution for iterative methods of the reverse equation adopted by UNESCO/ICES/SCOR/IAPSO.
  • Salinity values are expressed in "Practical Salinity" (?)

(usually it is equal to the temperature of the sea water)

PSU (g/kg - ppt - ‰)
g/l (value read on the densimeter) (?)
(value read on the refractometer) (?)
mS/cm (value read on the conductivity meter)

Use of this conversion utility is free but if you want support our work, make a donation and help us continue our research work:

  1. Unesco – IES-80 - Algorithms for computation of fundamental properties of seawater – 1983
  2. Equation of state of Seawater
  3. Density and the Equation of State
  4. Seawater Density (salinity and temperature effects)
  5. Density of Seawater
  6. A global algorithm for estimating Absolute Salinity
  7. Practical Salinity Scale – 1978

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