Reef System

System with only 2 components, suitable for mixed LPS, SPS tanks. Simple and effective.

Reef System is an advanced maintenance system of all the important elements for marine aquariums with SPS and LPS corals. His extremely balanced formulation derives from studies conducted over many years and does not alter the ionic balance of Na +, Cl- and SO4--.
It also contains and restores all the elements (macro, micro and trace) that are used by corals during their growth.

Convenient format

The system includes only two ready-to-use, highly concentrated and balanced products. However, the two products can be diluted equally to have more precise dosages on smaller tanks. All elements are contained within just two bottles, which makes maintaining the aquarium convenient.

Simple dosage

Reef System is designed for maximum ease of use, the dosage is the same for part I and part II and can only be varied by measuring the KH*, it is also possible to use our software to avoid manual calculations.
Reef System dosing can be automated by using a 2-channel dosomentric pump.

System stability

The daily replenishment of all the elements used allows our animals to live in a stable environment, very similar to the one they are used to and in which they have evolved. Well-being can be immediately noticed through lush growths and bright colors.

Improved buffer capacity

Thanks to its composition, Reef System helps to maintain the pH at natural levels to prevent fluctuations.

*‚ÄčThe consumption of calcium and KH may vary over time due to several factors. We recommend measuring KH weekly and Calcium and Magnesium at least monthly using Aquatic Lab tests to determine ionic balance.

Guaranteed quality

Continuous replenishment systems such as Reef System require products of superior purity. The use of contaminated raw materials affects the marine habitat.
Thanks to our test systems, we guarantee the highest quality of the raw material, so as not to introduce unwanted elements

Automated dosing

The products of the Reef System series are specifically designed to be used with automated dosing systems and dosing pumps.

Check the label here:

How to best maintain water parameters

A stable system that recreates the tropical marine environment in the most precise way possible, allows our corals to grow correctly and take on their wonderful colors, keeping them healthy and able to defend themselves from pathogens and parasites.
To keep all parameters at the right levels, we recommend to perform water tests frequently using our kits and sending a water sample to our laboratory at regular intervals.
In addition to the result of the analysis, through the Aquatic Lab it will be possible to receive advice on the actions to be taken for the correction of each element found in too high or too low concentration.
Visit the Aqautic Lab section:


Available formats

500 ml
1000 ml
5 Liters
20 Liters

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