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Just like all other animals, during growth, corals use many elements that serve both for the construction of the skeleton and for many different vital functions. These elements are mostly taken from the water in which they live. For this reason, it is very important to check and restore all of them, so that they are always available. If one of these elements falls below a certain threshold, there is generally a stop in growth (in case it is a macro element), a chromatic alteration or coral disturbances that can also become serious (in case it is a micro element or a trace element).
Oceanlife systems are created to restore all the elements that are consumed by corals during growth with products of the highest purity.


Why won't you find "all in one" replenishement systems among the Oceanlife products? ​Aquariums are dynamic environments and each aquarium hosts animals of different sizes and species, each aquarium will therefore have a different consumption of each element. It is therefore very risky to use a replenishment system contained in a single product with which it is not possible to modify the contribution of Macro and Micro elements.

Reef System

Only 2 components system, suitable for mixed LPS, SPS tanks. Simple and effective.

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Reef System Advanced

5-component system, suitable for mainly SPS tanks. Maximum control over each element.

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Reef System Mixed

System for large tanks, using a calcium reactor for some elements and targeted integrations for others.

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Comparison between the various methods

The score is not absolute but expresses a relative comparison between the methods and compares them with each other.
Choose the one that best suits your needs

simplicity of management control over the elements suitable for SPS only suitable for LPS only suitable for mixed tanks
Reef System          ​              
Reef System Advanced          ​                
Reef System Mixed                    

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